Thursday, July 9, 2009

Supply Chain / Value Chain New Sources

Where do you go for supply chain related business news? I am not talking about "news" stories about the technology of supply chain management. I am referring to the business cases and reports that relate to how a company's performance has been effected by supply chain issues. If I want to know how Boeing's 787 Dreamliner supply chain concerns are driving their business forecast or how it may have impacted their purchase of Vought's production capability in North Carolina, I almost have to know about it before I start my research.

Why do I want to be able to search this way? There are two reasons. First, almost ten years ago (2000) Vinod Singhai at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Kevin Hendricks at the University of Western Ontario published findings that a reports of a supply chain malfunction led to the decline of a company's stock by 9-20%. From a purely selfish perspective, this could be an intriguing factor in an investment strategy. Second, reports like Businessweek's Li & Fung: A Factory Sourcer Shines can identify best practices and show how those practices can lead to improved performance. (It may also identify companies, like Liz Claiborne,Toys 'R' Us, and Timberland, that may have significant supply chain risk).

I am certainly not a search expert but sometimes that might be a good thing. In my search for an aggregator of business news that reports supply chain issues I found a beta site for Business Week magazine (I am a subscriber but you don't need to be to access the site) that discusses supply chain topics (not strictly supply chain technology and processes). I also ran across a really intriguing business aggregator called Streetread (but it appears that you can only aggregate news by company - not topic.

So far, my most successful searches have been performed by assembling a search string (business news supply chain) specifying the day and then ignoring any supply chain specific domain. Best sources have been BusinessWeek, Reuters, CNNMoney (Fortune), and IndustryWeek.

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