Monday, February 23, 2009

Return to the Blogosphere and Supply Chain Survey Update

Supply Chain / Value Chain Research - An Update and "Last Call"

(Since there is some reason to believe that this research will be long-term and an evolving measure of practice and performance, this might not be the last call for responses - just the last call for this instrument). As many of you already know, the survey builds on Dr. Sanjay Menon's delphi study of a few years ago. This update will provide a foundation for further research.

I reminded you in my last entry that with you can begin the survey, leave the site, and then return to complete it without starting all over again. I should have also mentioned that for those of you who leave an incompleted survey (and forget to return), the incompleted survey can skew the numbers when analyzed during the peer review process. (So please, if you have not yet finished your survey, please log in and complete it).

For those of you who have not yet started your response, we would be pleased to include your response if you can complete it in the next several days. We particularly welcome practitioner input. If you are just now discovering the survey you can read the announcement of its launch here. And if the links don't work you can paste the link to your web browser. (

Thanks again to everyone who is collaborating in this research.