Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Business Process Model WarsUpdate - Supply Chain / Value Chain Models

The latest addition to my list of business process models and frameworks is SAP and SAP's business solution maps. For years, SAP has provided a library of business processes as a basis for imlementation. In SAP's Enterprise Service Workplace, SAP provides graphic and drill down "solution maps" that encompass the broad range of value chain activities. While the legacy of the solution maps clearly shows the evolution from a technologically based approach (which is not a bad thing for a technical solution) the industry, cross-industry, and solution maps should not be overlooked by the business executive or analyst who just starting out.

Process models are the "standards" or banners in the escalating battle for the hearts, minds, and dollars of analysts, technologists, consultants, business process engineers, program managers, and business leaders.

APQP - Advanced Product Quality Planning - Automotive Industry Action Group
CCOR - Customer Chain Operations Reference Model - Supply-Chain Council, Inc.
DCOR - Design Chain Operations Reference Model - Supply-Chain Council, Inc.
DFSS - Design for Six Sigma - (Multiple Models)
eTOM - Ehanced Telcom Operations Map - TM Forum
MSDF - Manufacturing System Design Framework - Lean Advancement Initiative
PCF - Process Classification Framework - APQC
SAP ES - SAP Enterprise Services Workplace
SCOR - Supply Chain Operations Reference Model - Supply-Chain Council, Inc.
SCMF - Supply Chain Management Framework - SCM-Institute
VRM - Value Reference Model - Value-Chain Group

Technical but related frameworks

FERA - Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture - CPDA
ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library

Corrections, additions, and amplifications are welcome.

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