Thursday, August 7, 2008

Value Chain Benchmarking Reports and Surveys

As the list of benchmarking reports and surveys has grown, it has been a bit more difficult to scroll through links and reports on the Google Doc spreadsheet that I have been embedding in the blog. This posting marks the transition of the embedded spreadsheet to a web-based table hosted on the Global Performance website. Since it is one of the more frequently bits of information accessed on this blog, I have made the link a permanent feature (top right) of the blog.

On this first version of the posted table, I have kept the links and added a description of the site on which the surveys can be found. The organizations are grouped as academic organizations, commercial organizations (including trade associations and consultants), and government organizations. While some of these services require fees and/or participation in the benchmarking to access the data, I don't identify the fee structure or the agreement you might have to enter into to participate in the survey or extract data.

I will continue to provide updates to the list and intend to provide a brief description of any changes on this blog but will provide the updated list for maintenance on the GP site.

Additions or corrections to the list are welcome. Additionally, anyone that is willing to share their experience using the benchmarking services is encouraged to do so.

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