Thursday, October 2, 2008

Webinar Link - Measuring, Managing, and Improving the Extended Value Chain

Recently I was privileged to present a basic introduction to using metrics and process mapping as tools and techniques to measure, manage, and improve the extended supply chain. The Value Chain Group was kind enough to invite me to present my thoughts on how to use a business-centered, metrics driven approach for value chain / supply chain improvement.

Besides hosting the webinar, the VCG recorded it and have posted it with a link on their website. They were also kind enough to conduct a brief survey regarding how the participants received the presentation and provided me with some feedback. Intriguingly, much of the feedback mirrored the comments I heard a decade ago when a few practitioner companies were forming the Supply Chain Council. When participants were asked in what area they would like to receive additional information, about 40% indicated they were interested in additional information about metrics and KPIs, 40% indicated they were interested in additional information about processes and value chain mapping and modeling, and the rest were interested in specific implementation techniques and tips.

I hope to continue to assemble information and resources that might help new value chain practitioners as well as those who are more experienced. I also hope that in the future I can work collaboratively with others in the field to share implementation experience, best practices, and case studies. Based on the feedback that I mentioned, I am working on a couple of presentations that focus on the challenges of effectively employing specific measurements across an extended value chain. I have started to put a presentation together that has a working title of: In Search of the Perfect Order (which will is focused on fulfillment metrics).

For those of you who had registered for the webinar but were unable to attend, the hour long presentation and the accompanying PowerPoint presentation can be accessed via the VCG link. There is a brief and painless registration process to access the archived presentation.

Thanks again to the VCG and thanks again for those of you who provided feedback. I would be pleased to receive additional feedback from the participants or from those who will be reviewing it for the first time.

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