Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Value Chain / Supply Chain Benchmarking and Studies Report Update

As I was researching online survey tools (in preparation for a metrics survey) I discovered MarketingProfs. For many of you who are in the supply chain space, it may seem irrelevant to consider marketing sites and research. For those of you who are in the value chain space (or read my entry Logistics – Supply Chain – Value Chain: Evolution of an Idea or Different Approaches?) you recognize that marketing (a demand creation process) may be a key to driving business improvement.

On their research page, Marketing Profs lists a number of studies including an annual survey investigating the use of Return on Investment (ROI) measurements to evaluate marketing effectiveness. From their home page, I linked to the MarketingProfs Daily Fix, a blog associated with the site. The blog has multiple contributors (including Tom Peters - a noted author in the field of business management). Because of the number of contributors, there may be multiple entries for a single day and there is a significant archive.

For example, a recent contribution by Ted Mininni, a contributor to the blog, commented and summarized a Marketing Daily interview with The CMO Council regarding a survey conducted by The CMO Council and the Boston Consulting Group of 1000 senior marketing execs. If you are not a marketing professional or familiar with the news, research, and tools of the field, the blog provides a useful (non-academic) starting point.

As a result of my quick investigation, I have added the Boston Consulting Group, the CMO Council, and Marketing Profs to my Update on Value Chain Benchmark and Surveys.

The following Update includes surveys with links which are clickable and should open to their respective sites. I envision that future additions will add more benchmark reports, provide a short description for the surveys, and identify what part of the value chain / supply chain is included in the report.If you are aware of a benchmarking study or resource that should be included in this report please let me know.

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