Friday, February 22, 2008

Supply Chain and Value Chain Benchmark Reports and Studies Update

This is the latest revision of the supply chain and value chain benchmark report and studies list.

In this revision I have added the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) which provides education and research (via the Manufacturing Institute) for its members in support of the US manufacturing base. Of particular interest, to me, is the "outlook" report it publishes in cooperation with Fortune magazine. While at first glance, the report is "US-centric," international suppliers, investors, and customers will understand the importance of a yardstick which measures manufacturers confidence in the market place. Technology providers might pay attention to the survey summary on the site which projects future investment.

On another note, I was reminded of the NAM report via a Supply Chain Brain article entitled "Value Chains Replacing Supply Chains." The article referenced the CRM Buyer and the NAM.

The surveys are links which are clickable and should open to their respective sites. I envision that future additions will add more benchmark reports, provide a short description for the surveys, and identify what part of the value chain / supply chain is included in the report.If you are aware of a benchmarking study or resource that should be included in this report please let me know.

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