Thursday, December 13, 2007

Supply Chain and Value Chain Benchmark Studies and Resources

This list of benchmarking resources is similar to my post on process models. It is intended to be a frequently updated entry that will identify resources for benchmarking specific to supply chains, value chains, and business operations. It is certainly not an exhaustive list.

Academic (Colleges and Universitites)

Center for Supply Chain Research (Smeal – Penn State)
Cranfield University (School of Management)
CAPS Research (with Arizona State University)
The Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (Georgia Tech)

Commercial Research

Aberdeen Group
AMR Benchmark Analytix Service
ARC Advisory Group
The Benchmarking Exchange
Icognitive Pte, Ltd.
Performance Measurement Group LLC
The MPI Group


European Commission (Eurostat)
United States (US-STAT Department of Commerce)

Journals and Media

Industry Week

Please provide any additions or modification to complete the list. If possible, please provide a site name, a link, and a short description of the benchmarking. (The list is not intended to identify every benchmarking study - just those that are specific to business operations / improvement),

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