Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Value Chain/Supply Chain Benchmarking and Studies Report Update

In this, the latest revision of the supply chain and value chain benchmark report and studies list (the spreadsheet of links is embedded below), I have added PRTM. Many of you already know of the relationship between the Performance Measurement Group (PMG) and PRTM. While there are links and references between the PMG and PRTM websites, studies and reports are highlighted differently on each.

Those of you who pay attention to trade journals and press announcements for supply chain management have probably seen that PRTM has released its sixth annual survey of global supply chain trends. PRTM indicates they have 300 international respondents which, based on numbers alone, makes it a respectable survey.

According to PRTM's site, the survey was designed to investigate how industry leaders are globalizing their supply chain operations and considered: the future configuration of supply chain networks, managing product quality and safety while managing numerous internal and external international channel partners, and supply chain flexibility.

The following Update includes surveys with links which are clickable and should open to their respective sites. I envision that future additions will add more benchmark reports, provide a short description for the surveys, and identify what part of the value chain / supply chain is included in the report.If you are aware of a benchmarking study or resource that should be included in this report please let me know.

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